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Top Gifts for the Guy in your life

Let’s face it, guys can be hard to shop for. The dad that insist’s he’ll love anything you get him. The son who forgot to send his list. The Husband who buys it all for himself. The boyfriend with very particular tastes. Bob from HR who you’ve got as Secret Santa and have no idea where to start. Gift giving for guys can be hit or miss.

So we’ve rounded up truly great gift suggestions for things he’ll actually, gladly use in this gift guide. And better yet, all but one of our choices are under £50, so we’re helping your wallet too!

We’ve linked all of the items to their Amazon page to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. To make things even better, we have a free 30-day trail of Amazon Prime, so you can enjoy fast and free next day delivery on all your gifts (not to mention Prime video, so you can binge watch some of the best TV shows and movies since you’ll have your shopping done in no time!) 

    1. Beard Grooming Kit

    There’s nothing like a traditional gift that really helps bring him back to basics.  This Beard Grooming kit comes with eight must-use shaving products packed into a stylish storage bag. With all he’ll need to prepare his face, lather up, shave, and then moisturize, he’ll love it and you’ll appreciate it too!

    2. Leather AirPod Case

    It seems like everyone has the latest AirPods from Apple, this brown leather case is a great way for his to stand out. Classy, sharp, and individual, this leather case comes in brown, red, and black. And the best thing is you can still charge it with the case on thanks to a precise cutout at the bottom.

    3. Whiskey Mixology Set

    If the man in your life enjoys a good whiskey or bourbon, this is the ideal set. The set is composed of 2 beautiful glasses, 2 slate coasters, 8 whiskey stones and a set of tongs. Enjoy a chilled whiskey without it being watered down. Perfect.

    4. Gin Making Kit

    If Gin is more his tipple, why not go for a gin making kit? Packed with botanicals and spices, this set encourages you to experiment with the flavour combinations you’d like, but provides three gin recipes to get you started.

    5. Hot Sauce Kit

    While we’re talking about making things, if he loves a bit of spice, a hot sauce kit would make the perfect gift. We love this kit by Modern Gourmet Foods. With 3 types of dried chillies, 6 spice blends, 4 bottles and a recipe book, it also comes with glowing customer reviews. 

    6. Connoisseurs Charcuterie Cured Meatbox

    High quality, artisan cured meats, all sourced from family run, organic farms in the south of England; this box is perfect for any meat lover. The products are truly delicious, and the company, Meatbox has a whole range of other highly rated, meat based hampers.

    7. Multi-Tool Pen

    If he loves a gadget, this is the perfect gift. With 7 tools and 9 functions, there’s nothing this pen can’t do (yeah, it can even write!) It’s a screwdriver, a bottle opener, a wrench, a compass, a fire-starter, and emergency whistle. For those who love the outdoors or DIY, it’s a great stocking filler or secret Santa idea!

    8. The Eversee Magnetic Wristband

    There’s quite a few magnetic wristbands on the market, but we love Eversee’s version, as they’ve upgraded to 15 super-strength magnets, making it an easy winner. He’ll never lose a screw again. Perfect for the handyman/ mechanic/ carpenter/ electrician/ DIYer in your life.

    9. Game Off!

    Game Off is a hilarious party game that come in a tiny box but provides massive amounts of joy. Players face-off to complete random battles that are fast and fun. It’s a beautifully simple game, with no complex rules to learn, so you can just open it up and start playing. It’s perfect to play with friends or family, though there is an adult version if that’s more up your street!

    10. PS5 Controller Charging Station

    If he was lucky enough to grab a PS5, or there’s one waiting under the tree for him, why not get this as an addition? Make sure there’s no rage-quitting over a dead controller – this gadget keeps them charged using built-in intelligent protocols to make sure the controller is never overcharged.

    11. ViewSonic M1 mini Projector

    Take your big screen on the road with the ViewSonic mini projector. Be it for an office presentation or your very own outdoor cinema, it’s perfect for it all. Measuring around 4 x 4 inches, it fits into a coat pocket. The built-in battery, JBL speakers, and the ability to be charged by a power bank, allows for easy outdoor or on the go use. With HDMI and USB connections, it’s simple to use – just plug and play. Don’t forget the popcorn!

    12. Marley Positive Vibration 2 Headphones

    These award winning headphones are a favourite of ours. Not only is the sound quality incredible, but they’re eco friendly to boot. Sustainably crafted from FSC Certified Wood, REWIND Fabric and Recyclable Aluminium, Marley headphones support the reforestation of trees and the general welfare of our planet.With up to 12 hours battery life, a built in mic and a pocket friendly price tag, there’s nothing to dislike about these beauties.

    13. Bamboo Docking and Charging Station

    Encourage him to be a little neater in a nice way this Christmas. This 100% bamboo docking station has space for to charge phones, a watch, tablet, and two areas for coins/ cards/ pens/ keys. Anything that needs a place, has it with this station. There’s also a version that includes an AirPod section.

    14. Portable deep-tissue massage gun

    This is a must have for any fitness fans or those with chronic pain. A deep muscle massager gun is a handheld  tool which applies pulses of concentrated pressure deep into your muscle tissue. It helps relieve joint soreness, muscle tension, chronic pains, and can be used for daily relaxation. 5 speeds are provided for different muscle groups, aiding in sore muscle relief. We love this offering from Renpho for it’s excellent reviews and great price.

    15. The Beer Bucket List

    The perfect coffee table book for travel and beer lovers alike. With information on pubs, breweries and beers of the world, it’s a great gift for beer connoisseurs and dabblers alike. It looks great on a bookshelf, and can make trip planning great fun. Perfect for a secret Santa gift.

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