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Guide'em's Top 5 Blenders for 2021

As far as kitchen gadgets go, you don’t get better than a blender! Whether you’re whirling up fresh or frozen fruit for a smoothie or making a pitcher of frozen margaritas, a quality blender should be able to process your ingredients to a  smooth, creamy consistency.

Read on to find out how to choose the right kitchen blender, and, more importantly, we’ll tell you the key details that make some models stand above the rest. We’ve reviewed some of the most promising picks on the market, from top of the range to more budget-friendly. If you’re thinking of buying a blender in 2021, we’ve got you covered!

    1. Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

    Our Rating

    The Vitamix E310 is a crowd favourite for a reason. It has an ultra-powerful motor with 10 variable speeds, meaning you get professional quality precision and control. Whether you’re making smoothies, soups, nut butters, grinding coffee beans or making margaritas, this blender gives a 10/10 performance everytime. 

    The container holds about 6 cups, and the heavy duty base means it’s not going anywhere, even on the highest setting. The Vitamix E310 is our favourite, and we believe you won’t find a better-performing blender. The only limitation is the steep price tag, but if you view it as an investment, you won’t be disappointed.

    2. Ninja Duo 2 in 1

    Our Rating

    If you want a blender for every functionality, look no further than the Ninja Duo. 

    This Ninja blender is driven by power with a 1200w motor. It has a special blade design, where it uses two sets of blades that work together to really put the smooth in smoothie. Ice is turned to snow in a matter of seconds, and even the likes of kale and chia seeds are handled well.

    You get a variety of cups, including a 72-ounce blender pitcher which means batch making smoothies and soups is quick and easy.

    Cleaning the Ninja Duo is as simple as popping the detachable components in the dishwasher. 

    3. NutriBullet Pro

    Our Rating

    NutriBullet are known for their personal-sized blenders, and we think this is the best of the bunch. The compact size (about 12 inches tall and 8 wide) means it can find a spot in the smallest kitchen.

    With a price comfortably under $100, you get a lot for your money with this blender. One 24-ounce cup and one 18-ounce cup, two different styles of lid, and an attachable handle.

    The NutriBullet is user-friendly too. You simply place the cup with the blade on the motor base and push down to blend. Press and release to pulse, or press and lock to let the Bullet do it’s thing.

    4. Braun MultiQuick 5 Hand Blender

    Our Rating

    The MultiQuick 5 is a versatile and powerful piece of hardware. Lots of home cooks choose hand blenders for their versatility, and with 5 components, Brauns offering is a great one.

    A major issue with hand blenders is the splashback. However, Braun have designed the head of the blender in a unique floral bell shape and positioned the blades so as to virtually eliminate splashing, making cleanup easy.

    The one drawback is that hand blenders aren’t as powerful as their countertop counterparts. With 750 watts, this blender can handle most things with ease, but ice and frozen fruit are a no go.  

    5. NutriBullet Blender

    Our Rating

    It’s fair to say that NutriBullet perfected the on-the-go smoothie maker. Now they’ve taken that expertise and turned their attention to traditional blending, with a 1.5-litre offering. 

    The NutriBullet Blender handles all sorts of blending with ease. With two blend speeds and a pulse function, you can prepare any number of foods and drinks quickly and easily. Soups, smoothies, dips, sauces, spreads, milks and more.

    With the detachable parts dishwasher safe, and a price point that’s a delight for the wallet, this offer shows that NutiBullet can take on the big boys of countertop blending with ease.


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