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Going Keto to Get Fit and Healthy for 2021

2020 was a dud of a year, we can all agree. There was that saying that went around, “You’ll leave lockdown a hunk, a chunk or a drunk.” Well, it’s safe to say I might have ticked off 2 of those three, and I guarantee there are no six packs in sight…

But it’s 2021. I have a rescheduled wedding outfit to fit into, and it’s time to get serious about my health and fitness. I trialed some Keto resources throughout November and December to see how useful they each were in helping me to get fit and healthy for 2021.

Great For: Those who are serious about going Keto as a lifestyle change.

Custom Keto starts as it means to go on. You fill in a survey on your food preferences, exercise amount, your goal weight and a few more details, and Custom Keto provide you with a completely personalised keto diet plan to follow.

You get an 8-week meal plan that’s been created based on the expertise of certified nutritionists, customised to your food preferences. You also get a shopping list of ingredients to buy, easy to follow recipes with step-by-step walkthroughs and 24/7 support to keep you on track. This is a brilliant introduction to keto dieting. Simple to follow, with some delicious meals and a lot of variety, Custom Keto is the best way in our opinion to get started with Keto Dieting.

The best thing is that it’s just $1 for a 7-day trial, so it’s risk-free to try it out.

Great For: A great introduction to the benefits of a Keto diet that you’ll be able to see

With almost half a million people benefiting from the Keto 28-day Challenge so far, you’ll be in good hands here. With a 28-day meal plan, the Keto Challenge will walk you through every step of your first month of going Keto. If you’re someone who can cave to cravings easily, or if you find it hard to keep motivated, this is perfect for you. 

The Challenge builds momentum for you with a Keto diet, and packs a bunch of resources in so that you’ll always be clued up. If you want to transition to a healthier lifestyle, but need a 

Great For: This was especially created for those who are a little older, and crafted to get the best results possible.

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The Keto After 50 doesn’t only tackle the food aspect of dieting, but also the psychology of why we crave certain foods. By addressing these issues it helps to change eating habits for good. It’s been developed especially for women who are 40+, and comes with an additional cook book that has step-by-step guides to creating some delicious meals. It also includes their Diet Action Guide, which will help you hit the ground running and help the process of losing the first few pounds of fat.

For $9 we’ve got to say it’s a pretty good bargin!

Great For: All of the snacks!

Look, I won’t pretned otherwise, snacking on Keto is hard. I was determined to stick to the diet, but sometimes you have to satisfy a craving. And every “healthy” snack I found seemed to have sneaky carbs hiding in plain sight.

So instead of spending hours searching various grocery stores, where did I turn? Yep, good ‘ole Amazon. If you search Amazon for “keto snacks” you’re met with hundred of options that you can buy in seconds. 

How about a place with hundreds of keto snacks you can buy in seconds?

I’ve linked to my personal favourite snack I found, so get them in your basket – but then take some time to browse some other options. No matter what craving you need to satisfy, you’ll find something suitable here.

Great For: Helping you meet your weight-loss goals.

Keto supplements are a big market. Just google “Keto diet supplement” and you’ll be inundated by the amount available on the market. It’s a bit much knowing where to start. But KetoPower Boost was recommended to me by a family member, so I thought it as good a place to start as any.  It’s made in an FDA approved facility in the USA, which was reassuring, as many of the others we researched weren’t so forthcoming about where they were produced.

KetoPower Boost has a range of ingredients with two key purposes; speed up metabolism, and deliver key nutrients to your body.

I was a bit skeptical that I would need something like this, but I did find it gave me a bit of an energy boost, and the fact that there’s a money back guarantee put my mind at ease. 

My opinion? These will definitely aid in your Keto journey, but you can still have success without them. I’d recommend them if you want a boost in your health and fitness mission. Taking them for a month or two to kick start your weight loss, rather than use them long would useful.


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