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5 Ways to Lose Weight in 2021

2020 was a mess of year, we can all agree. And in the chaos of pandemics, protests and presidents, it was easy to let good food and exercise choices slide. But now it’s January. The majority of us have a little bit of extra lockdown weight to lose, and there’s no better time to start than now; fresh year, fresh start. If you want a little help adapting a healthier lifestyle, our 5 ways to lose weight should guide you in the right direction. 

Weight loss can be achieved by implementing any one of our five picks, but to really give your metabolism a kick-start, you can mix and match any two or more.

    Here at Guide’em, we are big fans of the keto diet. Not only does a keto diet help you quickly lose weight, it can also improve your overall health by lowering blood sugar level and improving cholesterol levels – helping to prevent disease in the long run. It has the added bonus of cutting carbohydrates, not fat or sugar, so it is a much better lifestyle solution than fad dieting.

    Our favourite Keto diet plan by a long shot is Custom Keto. Start by filling in a quick survey on your food preferences, exercise amount, your goal weight and a few more details, then Custom Keto provides a completely personalised keto diet plan to follow.

    With an 8-week meal plan that’s been created based on the expertise of certified nutritionists, customised to your food preferences, you also get a shopping list of ingredients to buy, easy to follow recipes with step-by-step walk throughs, and 24/7 support to keep you on track. This is a brilliant introduction to keto dieting, it’s simple to follow with some delicious meals and a lot of variety. Custom Keto is the best way in our opinion to get started with Keto Dieting.

    The best thing is that it’s just $1 for a 7-day trial, so it’s risk-free to try it out.

    2. Go Vegan

    A vegan diet has a whole host of benefits, from helping the environment and saving the lives of animals, however, the benefit that is most keenly felt by those who switch to a plant-based life is the health benefits.

    Going vegan means all of sudden being very careful about what ingredients your food may contain. While this is primarily to keep to your diet plant-based, it has the added effect that you become hyper-aware of every little thing you’re eating. Pair this new insight with the fact that a vegan diet is typically lower in calories than others, and you’ll find yourself shedding some pounds. It isn’t a coincidence that vegans have the lowest average BMI, compared to meat-eaters, who have the highest.

    Weight loss isn’t the only benfit in switching to a vegan diet – the health benefits are insane too.

    By following a vegan meal plan, you’ll not only lose a little weight. The Vegan 28-Day Challenge has resources that guide you through every aspect of switching to a plant-based diet, taking the stress out of the change. If you want to move towards a healthier lifestyle, why not try it out? And hey, if it’s not for you, it’s only for a month!

    A smoothie or juicing detox is a great way to boost weight-loss, and The Smoothie Diet was by far our favourite smoothie/juicing diet tested. It’s a 21-day diet that sees you replacing breakfast and lunch with a smoothie. The recipes for these are varied and are made from fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats.

    You eat one balanced healthy meal a day, and one day per week you eat 3 full meals, as normal. You’re provided with a ton of resources, including a ton of smoothie recipes, a shopping list for each week, and guidance on how to transition into a normal diet after the 21 days. This last step is crucial; too often cleanses and detoxes don’t prepare you for moving back into regular eating habits, and so the weight goes straight back on.

    The Smoothie Diet isn’t sustainable in the long run, and it isn’t built to be. It’s a push to shedding some pounds quickly and helping you build habits that will help you keep the weight off. With The Smoothie Diet, you also get a 3-day detox guide, which is a shorter version of the full program and is useful to “reset” if you find your weight getting off track. We loved this as an option, as it’s the perfect amount of time to get you back on track.
    UPDATE DEC 2020:  The 3-day detox was perfect after overindulging over Christmas!

    Need a blender? Check out Guide’em Tech’s Top 5 review.

    Regular exercise is the best way to achieve long-term weight loss. There’s a lot going on in the world right now though that can be affecting the ease of exercising. Gyms are closed for COVID, pools are closed for COVID, and it’s far too cold to be running for a lot of places! The solution? The home-workout. But not just any workout – one that has been designed specifically to use minimal space and just one piece of equipment, making it accessible for all.

    Our staff’s favourite home workout; the Kettlebell Workout from Visual Impact Fitness. Head over to their site to read up on the method behind it all, but take it from us, it’s a great and easy way to get a sweat-inducing workout from home. Grab a kettlebell from Amazon, or see if you can find one second-hand and you’re ready to go. Bonus, it was all filmed in Costa Rica, so you get some vicarious travel!

    The team at Visual Impact are serious about fitness, and we’ve also tested their other offerings. Check out their Cardio workout if that’s more your style, or their Women’s Impact course to slim down but keep a feminine figure.

    Many people think of yoga as just twisting into odd positions. However, it can also be an effective tool for weight loss. Studies have shown that even restorative yoga – which is the holding of asanas (or poses) for much longer than conventional yoga and is, therefore, the least physically active form of the practice – can help weight loss.

    Further studies show that those who practise yoga and lose weight have a much better chance of staying slim. The study shows that stress eating and cravings were reduced and that the participants showed increased muscle tone, improved metabolism, and reduced stress.

    Like the kettlebells above, yoga required minimal space and equipment, so it’s super easy to do from home. 

    Why not join the Yoga Burn Challenge? We love it’s easy to follow videos, and the number of resources included. It was developed by an internationally certified yoga instructor Yoga Burn for women who are ready to follow a done-for-you yoga program designed to promote natural and healthy weight loss. 

    We’ve teamed up with professionals from the health and fitness industry to create our free smoothie diet ebook; Drink Clean. It’s a 7-day diet built to give your weight loss a boost. Simply replace either breakfast or lunch with our delicious smoothies, eat a healthy dinner, and watch the lbs drop.

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